Poker Strategy: How to play pocket aces in poker?

12 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Poker Strategy: How to play pocket aces in poker?

But beware of bad beats! How many times has this dream hand she turned into a nightmare for poker players? In some circumstances, AA play poker can be extremely difficult. Moreover, it is a difficult hand to bed …

Some statistics:

  • 0.45% chance of hitting that hand
  • 85% chance of winning against a single opponent, and only around 30% against 9 opponents!!

The review Pros:

Everyone is pretty much agree on how to play this hand. It is very dangerous to play in poker. Doyle Brunson raises an important point in case of a Kind Aces flopped: “All Flop with an ace and no pair has a straight draw.” This flop gives you a set maximum, then becomes dangerous.

Even the pair of aces must be played with vigilance and aggression preflop. Dan Harrington, however, suggests the sub play, and consider a check-raise in certain conditions. It should be in early position with a very aggressive table.

If you are under the gun, you can make a call, and push your whole stack if you are raised! If you are not restarted, and you’ll be presented with 4 or 5 players, this is the kind of flop that will help you. You will then have just over 50% chance of winning. Then you have to hunt opponents by reviving except of course if you flop a square, or a full max. You can then set a trap.

My rating:

I will not invent anything. This hand should be played very aggressively poker! In some cases, the end of the tournament, we can try to trap an opponent, but this must remain exceptional. There are also a few cases, or you WILL throw your pocket aces preflop.

Example: Imagine a major satellite tournament. You are 3 poker players and the first 2 receive an entry for the tournament tomorrow.

Touching AA in SB. Call the BB button, you raise another 4 or 5 blinds. BB sends his stack and the pay button. One can imagine that your opponents are on big pairs. You are not safe from you encounter a set. If you lose this one, you also lose vs. chances of pocketing your place the next day. Let the two players compete. In the best case, a player comes out. Otherwise, you will be 2 players with carpets comfortable facing a short stack. You are not far of victory. !