Poker Strategy: Hand QQ, Siegfried & Roy, 2 ladies

2 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Poker Strategy: Hand QQ, Siegfried & Roy, 2 ladies

Q is a very beautiful hand attack, but it is not invincible. Some situations require the play safe!

Some statistics:

  • 42% chance of seeing the flop A or K
  • 19.2% chance to see the end in your QQ trips, full or square

The review Pros:

Chris Ferguson keeps repeating: “If you’re the first to enter the pot, you must restart but never limp.

This principle applies perfectly to the pair of ladies. Either you pull the shot preflop, either you keep some players in front of you.

My rating:

In 42% of cases, the flop show an A or K This does not mean that you’re beat, but these cards should alert you. Therefore, once again, it is better to play against a limited number of opponents (Only one is ideal). A large preflop raise needed! You drive out the A and K and low kicker or suites.

Beware, however, online players, with low limits, who like foals or player two cards that bear little attention to the kicker. Moreover, they love to play aces

If the flop is dry enough, why not bet for the value of your hand. You are 75% favorite.

Otherwise, consider breaking the document prints. You must protect your hand! And then if you are being followed, and your opponent touches his drawing, you say he made a mistake and that it was you who played well!