Poker Strategy: Hand KK, King Kong, Ace Magnet, Cow Boys

8 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Poker Strategy: Hand KK, King Kong, Ace Magnet, Cow Boys

Some statistics: 12% chance of hitting the flop three of a kind 85% chance of winning against a single player! Your chances can drop to 40% to 5 players. (Ex: KK vs QQ, AJs, TT, JJ) Remember that the hands that will follow you hands are selected, thus higher than the average (A priori!) 23% of flops show an Ace

The review Pros:

As the pair of aces, pair of kings must be played loudly for all the poker player who respects himself! We must do everything to meet face to face to be a favorite.

Dan Harrington revealed in his bestseller, Harrington Poker, how to play as a pair of kings. This must be done less frequently than with the ace and only under certain conditions. It should be in early position with a very aggressive table.If you are under the gun, you can make a call, and push your whole stack if you are raised!

You can also call a raise only if you are in Heads Up!

My rating:

For my part, I often raise with KK with AA. 4BB in early position, and 3.5 3BB BB in late position if one player has limped!If there is a revival I double the amount of recovery. If I am re-raised, I am seriously considering a pair of Aces.

If my opponent is wide aggressive, I would put it more easily on a big ace is when my position in the tournament, my stack and hers, that I will lose a decision.In cash games, I’m more easily. Generally, you will always win in the long term by following with KK.

On the flop, go carefully if an ace appears (23% of flops). If you open strongly, and you follow, beware of a Kind, or pair of Aces.Moreover, the presence of an ace on the flop with no pair, straight draw induces necessarily! (Doyle Brunson)If you are raised on the flop, do not hesitate to fold to an opponent solid.

You do hit your set only once 8. Turn the K will give you a once only 24!! Even if you consider that your hand is the best until proven otherwise, do not embark on a perilous blow your Kings.