Poker Strategy: Hand AK Big Slick

18 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Poker Strategy: Hand AK Big Slick

Some statistics:

  • Vs AK (22 to QQ): Quasi 50/50. Slight advantage for the pair made
  • AK Vs Ax or Kx (with x less than or equal to Q): AK earns over 70% of cases
  • AK vs KK: 30% chance of winning
  • AK vs AA: 8% chance of winning

The review Pros:

Doyle Brunson prefer the hand of AA or KK, as its potential for improvement is greater and we know quickly whether to stay on the shot or not. A hand like AK who can not find his flop can ill afford a raise. Indeed, only 6 outs can help you win. According to Francis Montmirel, “AK is not a hand made to pay for a raise, but re-raise or spend. ”

Daniel Negreanu, AK is not a hand as strong as one might think. Indeed, it undergoes considerable risk. “To play AK preflop should try to avoid getting involved in big pots when your entire stack is at stake.” David Sklansky, sees this as very strong hand, since the only real rival is AA hand. All other hands are slightly favorite, is far behind. It is for him a hand to attack very powerful.

My rating:

The first thing to remember is that AK is a hand that is not done! This self-evident, but easily forgotten in the heat of the action.This implies that you are not the most favorite with this hand as against 22 against 99. Do not talk about pairs JJ, QQ, KK or AA worst, penalize you on the straights possible. However you are favorites in the tackle against two different cards. So your reading of the opponent who will guide you through how to play this hand.

In all cases, caution!

Once again, the table position is very important. It is less if you hit your flop, what happens less often than the reverse!!I therefore recommend a minimum investment: Call in middle position and a raise from March to April BB in late position. I recommend to call a raise with this hand has carpet. Again you are favorites against a pair made.

There remains the question of the beginning of speech. The school might consider a conservative fold! It’s out of question! If you do not play AK, what are you playing! I tend to make a strong recovery in early position to hunt up opponents. The ideal is to keep a single recess. Customize your raise the profile so the table. In shorthanded, you can afford to be more aggressive.

And then, if everyone folds, you win the blinds. … It is always better than losing his stack.

In the final tournament, the fold equity will give you some extra chances to win the pot preflop without a fight. If you feel you can make your opponents down, go ahead and then they pay, sometimes it will be AA, KK or QQ, but often dominated hands like AQ, AJ or AT, and you then still a good chance of winning the showdown.

The flop will quickly tell you how to play it! If you touch, you have top pair, top kicker! It’s pretty good, but you’ll have trouble to extract additional chips to weaker hands and you will not want to read the fine set, which will be played in most of the time. In addition, a player may have hit two pair.

So once again, be careful!

If you do not hit your flop, you have two options:

The continuation bet, up against an opponent. Beware of calling stations and beginners who pay the draws.The second solution is to check or going to bed! Remember to vary your game check can possibly turn into honest bet, or 10% of the pot. This will allow you to set you against your opponents.

If the continuation bet is paid or restarted, it should thoroughly analyze the situation. Did I image it to the table? ‘m Respected? What image do I have my opponent? How many opponents are still in the game? The answers to these questions will adopt the most appropriate behavior.

In any case, if you encounter much resistance against solid players, leave the blow. Do not forget the names given to this hand Walking back to Houston, or Anna Kounikova. She is pretty but earns only very rarely!