Game of Thrones Pokies

3 Sep by tellgamblingtales

Game of Thrones Pokies

When was the last time you felt true excitement? Enjoyed the sense of thrill for a very long time and knew you were taking part in something great? The incredible Game of Thrones Pokies is available for you and now, not only you can play pokies for real money but you can also enjoy by winning the most wonderful rewards, bonuses, and payouts from this game. So, before you check any other game.

Take some time to understand what you can achieve by playing it over and over again. After all, 243 different ways to win, unique ways to enjoy your free spins, incredible multipliers, up to 121, 000 coins that can now be yours and so many additional benefits you will surely not find anywhere else are just a few clicks away! Don’t let yourself miss the opportunity! Start playing as quickly as you can!

Game of Thrones Big Wins

What are the Unique Benefits of This Real Pokies Game?

Be sure that once you start playing Game of Thrones Pokies you can enjoy much more than you enjoyed by playing any other game before. In addition to the regular benefits that you receive at any other game (including this one, as well, of course), Game of Thrones is highly dedicated to your greatest satisfaction. Therefore, the most unique benefits are an integral and consistent part of your game!

The Free Spins, which will be elaborately explained, later on, don’t take part in this game the same way they do at any other one. The truth is, that when you play Game of Thrones you can CHOOSE the way you get your FREE SPINS benefit. Actually, you get to choose one of four different options.
The first option is called The Baratheon House. The Baratheon House, once you choose it, lets you enjoy no less than 8 FREE SPINS during your free spins bonus, with the incredible 5X multiplier which applies at all of the credits that you win. In addition to all of that, you get to enjoy the 3 Stack symbol.

The second option this game offers you is the Lannister House. Lannister is a house that rewards you with no less than 10 FREE SPINS and an additional reward of the 4X multiplier. The extra benefit you get to enjoy here is the 4 Stack symbol.

Thirdly, the Stark House is at your service. When seizing the Stark House, 14 FREE SPINS are yours, as well as the 3X multiplier, which is favored by all players. The 5 Stack symbol is the one that takes part over here.

The last and unique benefit you get to enjoy, as part of your FREE SPINS experience, is the Targaryen House which lets you enjoy the most amazing number of FREE SPINS at once – 18! With these 18 FREE SPINS come the 2X multiplier and the 6 Stack Symbol!

With these unique benefits, there is surely no reason to go out and play any other game…

Wait! How Do I Even Win Those Free Spins?

Wonderful question! The answer is that you get to seize the most fundamental benefits of this game! The way for All Slots Casino to benefit you with free games is to make more FREE SPINS easily available to you! All you have to do is consistently play and spin the reels, so that you maximize your potential to enjoy the bonuses you cannot get anywhere else!

The unique bonus you are looking for is called the Scatter. Scatter is a fabulous symbol that is irreplaceable by any other symbol on the reels. Scatter, by appearing three, four, and even five times on the reels, can let you receive the different amounts of free spins, according to the House you choose to play at.

Why would you like to play these free spins? Well, because they would change completely the way you play this game! If up until now you had to deposit each and every time you wanted to win more credits, now depositing is no longer a necessity for you! Yes, it is possible for you to win more and more credits as you go along with the game and forget about the depositing part! Once Scatter does its magic you get to enjoy a whole new world of possibilities and fascinations that no one else does!