Disco Danny slot machine review from Netent

2 Oct by tellgamblingtales

Disco Danny slot machine review from Netent

You can immerse yourself in the real era of disco with the Disco Danny slot machine from Netent. The phrase “Disco Danny” or “Danny Disco” was previously offensive. This was the name for men who imitated and adopted the style of John Travolta of the 70s. Over time, they began to use it as a joke. But in this game the king of disco is not name-calling or humor, but the honorary title of the winner. What prizes and awards await in the game, and why it is worth joining, we will consider in our review.

Machine design and designation

Based on the name, you might guess that the slot is presented in a dance theme that personifies the style of the 70s of the last century. After loading, the very heart of the dance floor will appear, framed in the form of twinkling lights and decorated in an iridescent pink-purple background. Despite its outstanding appearance, it creates a great atmosphere. And thanks to a piece of disco-rhythm at the moment of the drum rotation, no one will be able to resist the temptation to dance.

Disco Danny symbols and bets

Almost all symbols in the table are familiar and familiar to fans of slot machines. The winning symbols have columns in ascending order, Lucky Sevens, Disco King and Danny’s Disco symbol. Columns, as in other slots, can be double and triple. Bets are evaluated as follows:

• Disco King – 100x;

• Disco Danny – 10x;

• rollers – 6 x;

• lucky sevens – 4x;

• triple bars – 3x;

• double bars – 2x;

• single bars – 1x;

• mixed bars – one sixth of the bet. Disco King symbols are paid regardless of their place in the grid, even if they are not adjacent. And to get the coveted win, you need to collect 3 Disco Danny symbols in one row at the same time.


To get started, you can choose the demo version of the game, so as not to risk and not start with betting on money. After penetrating into the essence and the desire to make money, you can make a minimum bet. The game process is carried out in a 3×3 grid and has 5 variations. Due to the use of a complex mathematical formula in the program, you should not immediately count on winning. The win rate is quite low – 14.01%, therefore, it is better to start with a small amount and increase it every turn. The creator warns that to wait for the bonus function, you should make about 250 spins. At the same time, the RTP was set to average – 96.04%. When entering, you should set a bet from 0.1 to 250 euros for 1 spin, to increase the chances of winning. Although Disco Danny is an uncomplicated slot, Netent has set payouts up to 3000 times the bet, which should be noted for slot fans. With the maximum bet feature, high rollers can raise 750,000 euros.

Bonus system

To wait for the bonus feature, you need to make about 250 spins. But this is not as scary as it seems. The absence of the Wild symbol and its analogues is striking. The game has 2 bonus scatter – silver and gold balls. If a gold coin falls out in any part of the grid during the main game, the winnings are 10 or 20 times more than the bet. But in one spin the golden balls will appear only 1 time, so the more the better. When a silver ball falls out, the “3 extra spins” function is activated. It is available with three balls in the field of view. Also, such a bonus will appear if one of the three balls turns out to be gold. Upon entering the main game, if there is a bonus, all its values are deleted for a while. All available gold balls have a multiplier from 1 to 50.


This slot is suitable only for real disco lovers, since for other gamers there is not much functionality and a variety of actions in it.