Bonus Showdown

20 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Bonus Showdown

Best to high-tail it to the ole Hacienda so you can get into the action of the new monthly promotion and Play Bonus Showdown to win  at All Slots. This is no regular promotion. It’s  as different as whiskey and tea.  

The promotion is applicable at All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino, First Web Casino, Wild Jack Casino and The VIP Lounge Casino. The promotion starts on Sunday, September 6, 2015, and continues to Tuesday, October 6, 2015.  Plenty of cash and prizes are to be won in this bonanza of a promo Bonus Showdown. All Slots casinos have promos throughout the year, but ain’t nottin like this promo yet. Folks reckon it’s the real Mc Coy to win big. You will be Ace high and have a Hog-Killin’ Time when you P lay Bonus Showdown to win at All Slots.

What’s A Cowboy Called Down Under?

In America, they’re called cowboys. Though some Aussie blokes do not mind being called cowboys, the official name for those who work the land and ride on horseback are either called a ringer, a stockman, a jackaroo or a cattleman. A ringer is a person who is employed at a station (ranch) to gather the cattle. The name «ringer» is mostly used in Australia’s top end. In other places of Australia, ringers are recognised as stockmen. The stockman works on the land but doesn’t own it. A jackaroo is like an apprentice or a station hand. The word comes from a jack of all trades. They are usually training to be stockmen.  

Come One, Come All

Everyone is encouraged to play All Slots casino pokies promotions that will give you extra opportunities to expand your wins as you play your favourite games. Playing Bonus Showdown to win big buckaroos at All Slots is offered to all cowboys and cowgirls. No matter what casino platform you use, either the Download Casino on your desktop or laptop, or playing at the Flash Casino in a local saloon browser, or using your Aussie mobile device, you’ll add heaps of extras by way of credits, bonus points, spins and additional casino goodies when you add the Bonus Showdown prizes to your usual casino gambling fun. Whatever prizes you win at the Bonus Showdown will be added on to your base game payouts and bonus wins. So darn tootin, the Showdown Bonus gives heaps upon heaps of bonuses stacking up to win a whole lot of cash and prizes.  

At the OK Showdown Corral

Mosey on into the Showdown Corral and sit a spell as you ponder your preferred casino game to play. Whatever game tickles your fancy, be it table games such as craps, baccarat or roulette, or card games like blackjack and roulette. Even lotto like scratch cards, keno, bingo or sic bo or any of the heaps of All Slots casino pokies, you’ll be requested to choose your Bonus Showdown cards and add the Bonus Showdown prizes to your existing casino earnings.

Down at the HoDown

Down at the casino, begin by opening your casino account. The casino will usher you to the Bonus Showdown promo. Draw cards and win your share of the $125, 000 reward in the month of September. As soon as you click the «Draw My Prize» button the casino will let you know the number of cards that you will be entitled to select.

The Stagecoach comes to town:

  • 1st Stage –  September 6th   at 7: 00 am GMT until midnight GMT September 12th
  • 2nd Stage – September 13th at 7: 00 am GMT until midnight GMT September 19th
  • 3rd Stage – September 20th at 7: 00 am GMT until midnight GMT September 26th
  • 4th Stage –  September 27th at 7: 00 am GMT until midnight GMT October 3rd
  • 5th Stage –  October 4th at 7: 00 am GMT until midnight GMT October 6th

Throughout the first stage, you are entitled to pick one free card, irrespective of how many days you played in the week before the promotion introduction. After each succeeding stage, you will have the chance to select up to three cards centred on the number of days you played during the previous stage’s promotional time. You’ll be able to choose one card to win one prize for playing three to four days. If you play five to six days, you are eligible to choose two cards to win two prizes. You can select three cards to win three prizes if you have played all seven days of the week. Anyone who played less than three days during the previous stage’s promotional period will not be eligible for a prize.

Prizes such as bonus points and Free Spins are all part of the programme with the Play Bonus Showdown to win at All Slots. You’ll get to choose games such as Asian Beauty, Bridesmaids, Ariana, Hot as Hades, Avalon and Sure Win. The games you choose do not have to be played in one lot or just one pokie. They can be played spread out at different times.  

It’s possible to win one hundred to five thousand Loyalty Points which you can add to your current Loyalty Points total. Loyalty Points are points that you accumulate according to how much you gamble. You can redeem your points for rewarding casino prizes which include cash back and higher deposit and withdrawal limits. There are also holiday packages and cruises and other high-class gifts. If you play a game within the twenty-four hours of it being featured, you’ll receive double Loyalty Points.  It’s important to note that all prizes must be claimed during the promotional period they are given otherwise you will forfeit the prize.