Black Sheep 5 Reel Mobile Pokie

28 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Black Sheep 5 Reel Mobile Pokie

The old nursery rhymes are often used to sooth crying babies and delight young children. Now there’s a Bar Bar Black Sheep 5 reel mobile pokies that gamers can enjoy as they expand their gambling activities with fun-filled casino entertainment  and real money wins.

You can play this fun-filled pokies at the All Slots mobile casino at any time and from any location on your smartphone or tablet device. The AllSlots mobile casino games are accessible on all of the top mobile operating systems including on iOS, Android, LG, Windows and Blackberry devices via WiFi or cellular connectivity. Sign into your casino account and collect your All Slots casino bonus credits for mobile entertainment that’s available on your mobile screen.

The Bar Bar Black Sheep pokies is accessible through the mobile pokies app or for competition through the mobile browser. Some people prefer to play on their browser because they are uncomfortable downloading apps but for the app-based players, playing through an app offers a faster-loading and more vibrant gaming episode.

Nursery Rhymes

The nursery rhymes that many people recognize from their childhood are anything but innocent. They provided an outlet for social criticism in the England of the medieval and middle ages, at a time when denouncing a member of the royal family or disparaging government policies was punishable by prison or worse.  

The nursery rhymes were satiric commentary on events of the day. Slowly, over time, these rhymes became children’s chants. Some of the best known of these rhymes include Humpty Dumpty which was penned to note the fall of the English town of Colchester during the Civil War of 1648, Three Blind Mice which commemorated 3 Protestant noblemen who were burnt at the stake by Queen Mary and Ladybird Ladybird Fly Away Home that warned Catholics who were saying forbidden Masses of impending raids.  

The Ba Ba Black Sheep nursery rhyme is probably one of the oldest, dating back to the 13 th century when the Crusaders were returning from their battles. Among those was Edward I who took the throne of an impoverished nation that had its resources depleted by the campaigns. In order to replenish the royal coffers, Edward placed a tax on wool, one of medieval England’s biggest industries.

The rhyme is sung:

Baa Baa Black Sheep Have You Any Wool?
Yes Sir, Yes Sir, Three Bags Full
One For The Master One For The Dame
And One For The Little Boy
Who Lives Down The Lane.

The three bags of wool represent the distribution of the wool —  the Master was King Edward I, the Dame was the Church and the little boy who lives down the lane was the farmer.  

Bar Bar Black Sheep Slots

The original Bar Bar Black Sheep featured three reels and one payline. Bets per payline were 3 coins per line and extra elements included the wild which multiplied the wins and a free spins round. Players enjoyed the whimsical, fun-filled pokies and the All Slots casino now offers an expanded version in the form of a five-reel, fifteen payline slots for mobile gambling entertainment.  

The Bar Bar Black Sheep pokies features colourful game symbols which depict a pastoral English countryside. There are both black sheep and white sheep, pieces of delicious fruit and vegetables such as eggplants, watermelon, oranges, apples and corn. There’s also an old-fashioned barn to complete the image of a tranquil farm scene.

The game logo is the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol functions as the third symbol on enabled paylines. So, if  2 matching symbols plus the Wild appear, the Wild substitutes for the missing third symbol so that it can complete the win. Three wilds  on an enabled payline create a match and trigger a payout.

Bar Bar Black Sheep Bonus

If a combination occurs on the first, second or third payline,  the Bar Bar Black Sheep Bonus feature activates. The combination must depict a Black Sheep symbol plus two Bar symbols.  When the Bar Bar Black Sheep All Slots bonus feature launches those  symbols morph, triggering a multiplier. Your final payout is then based on the multiplier value, multiplied by the bet that you deposited on the payline on which the combination occurred.

Free Spins

The Free Spins round is activated when three or more Free Spins symbols occur, in any pattern, on the reels. It doesn’t matter whether the Free Spins scatters appear enabled or unenabled paylines. – in either instance the Free Spins bonus game activates. When the free spins round starts the regular game pauses and you enter the Free Spins round. In this bonus game you will receive  up to 20 free spins. The number of Free Spins symbols that display (three, four or five) determines the number of free spins that the you are given.

All completed combinations achieved during the Free Spins round are tripled. Your payout is determined by the deposit that you made on the spin that activated the free spins round. If, during a free spin,  three Free Spins symbols appear on the reels, you’ll be awarded a new Free Spins round and the new number of Free Spins will be added to the free spins that remain from your first round of free spins.

Added Payouts

The All Slots bonus promotions added more payouts to your gambling adventure through extra credits, casino cash, points and free spins. Read the casino’s emails or check the All Slots promotions page to determine the bonus give-aways to which you are entitled.  

If you’re a new player you’ll receive up to $1600 in match bonus credits plus $30 in free casino cash to add to your gambling entertainment. The cash gifts and match credits allow you to play more games for more time for free during your first week of gaming activity. You also achieve Loyalty points on your games, with 1 Loyalty Points presented on every credit that you place on your pokies games. Collect your Loyalty points and when you’re ready you can redeem them for casino swag.

The casino hosts seasonal contests and draws where you can realize more Loyalty points plus casino cash, free spins, match credits and more. Combine history, entertainment and real money wins when you play Bar Bar Black Sheep 5 reel mobile pokies on your mobile device.