Atlantic City

I arrived yesterday in Philadelphia. I’m leaving this morning for Atlantic City. 1:15 bus, and here I am on the Atlantic coast lined with casinos. I arrived at Bally’s for a $ 50 tournament. Not many people this morning. 54 players only. Not much to say about this tournament. Not many cards to play. I go out in mid-table, 10 minutes after the first break.

I’ll play a little cash game at Caesars Palace. It plays pretty good at this table $ 1 – $ 2. I watch for a few laps. The players are pretty aggressive! I touch very quickly AK. I raise, am re-raised, I call. Not a terrible flop for me. My opponent opens at the height of the pot. I lie. He shows AA. Just my luck, for once I hit a strong game …. but eventually, we’ll call it a good lay-down. LOL

A little later, it’s my turn to hit AA, but I only earn $ 15, no action. Really … ..
Shortly thereafter, I lose my buy-in with a Flush with an Ace beaten by a full house at the River. The clock is ticking and I’m starting to consider returning to Philadelphia. … A final tournament at Bally’s before leaving. Tonight we’re 84 to play. We start with $ 10000.

I play very tight during the early levels. I stand between $ 8000 and $ 13,000. I’m not too bad, and then I double my stack just before the first break. I decided to use my stack to steal some blinds before the break. I am well respected at the table. The break is there, I’m chip leader.

I continue to lay the marginal cards, I tried a few flights … It happens. A little later, I sleep facing JJ KK. I’m going down to $ 19,000. I do a bit of yo-yo, or until the table No. 5 breakage and chip leader takes his place at my left.It does not please me much, but I did not have much choice. It’s a pretty solid player.

I glance quickly at the other tables. We’re still 35, and I must be in the Top 5. Furthermore I feel really confident. I manage to negotiate my shots well. My raises are met … and I have some chips … .. In short: This is the best!

Then came the bad beat of the day! I ? T ? J key in SB. Everyone goes to bed before me. I raise to 3 BB.
I see my opponent and me hesitant recovery. He probably believes in a robbery! I call. The pot is quite nice.

Flop: 3 ? 3 ? J ?

It is a very good flop for me. I bet 3BB. I know I’ll be monitoring. My goal is to win the most chips possible. If I double, I become chip leader.

Turn: 4 ?

Probably the best hand. If a pair is probably intermediate. His playing preflop allows me to remove 3. Maybe there a better J, but I doubt it! In my opinion, it’s 66, 77, 88 or 99. Maybe TT.
He asked me the amount of my carpet and announces “All in”. I call immediately! He returns 77. I’m pretty good!

River: 7 ?

He touches his set unexpected! And I get out of the tournament!

I played well this tournament. I begin to increase in live tournament. My discipline is improving. Of course, we are not immune to bad beats, but that’s poker! If I had won the previous stroke, I am sure that I would have gone far enough. I am confident for the future.