Asian Beauty Online Pokies

26 Mar by tellgamblingtales

Asian Beauty Online Pokies

The intriguing question of why Asian women fascinate Westerners is explored in the Asian Beauty online pokies, an All Slots pokies casino game which is available for real money gaming at the Australian online casino. The game includes alluring symbols, special features, free spins and a Mirror bonus game that multiplies your payouts even further.

You can play the Asian Beauty online pokies at your leisure on your PC or mobile device. The game takes you into the charming world of Asian culture which values beauty and grace. This value is exhibited on the reels and the game backdrop which features stunning scenes of Asian landscape with falling snowflakes, blossoming trees and pagoda. Regardless of your chosen gaming device you’ll enjoy a highly dynamic game in which the visual imagery and audio track of Chinese music creates a genuine Las Vegas event on your PC console or mobile gaming screen.

Asian Splendor

Many westerners are captivated with Asian culture. Perhaps it’s because, until relatively recently, much of Asia was off-limits to Westerners, both by design and because travel in the region was difficult. Some people note that Asians are particularly successful students and they wish to emulate that achievement. The interest in Asian culture could also because Asian women are seen as petite, exquisite and delicate and that’s something that’s attractive to Western men. There are other elements of Asian culture which Westerners also study and sometimes copy – cuisine, style of dress and meditative philosophy.

All Slots answers this allure with a new online slot machine. The Asian Beauty pokies captures the feel of an Asian garden with lovely beauties and all of the other images of Asian refinement and culture.  
Asian Beauty is available as a free online pokies which you can access in the casino’s Free Mode. You can also play for real money prizes in the Real Mode. Click on the mode in which you want to play and away you go!

Start Playing

Asian Beauty online pokies is a 243 Ways to Win game. 243 Ways to Win games are unique because there are no paylines to enable. All matching combinations create a win, regardless of the pay way on which they fall. Whenever you achieve three matching symbols on consecutive reels, you achieve your win and realize a payout. In a payline-based game, players are obligated to active paylines with a deposit in order to achieve the winning payouts. The 243 Ways to Win feature eliminates the payline obligation. All completed pay ways bring a prize since all the pay ways are permanently enabled for all spins. All totaled, that means that on ever spin, you have 243 Ways to Win.

Since you don’t bet on individual paylines, you place your bets on each spin. The pokies is a 300 coin game so you can bet up to 300 coins per spin. As the reels spin you’ll see all of the figures that represent Asian culture including lovely Asian ladies, delicate lotus flowers, finger bowls, apple blossoms, jewelry chests and more. To play, place your bet on your spin. Click Increase (+) or decrease (-) to select your desired coin size.  You can change your bet on each spin by clicking those buttons before you spin the reels. If you want to bet the maximum number of coins permitted on the spin (300), click”Bet Max.” 

The game logo is the Wild symbol. Wilds take the place of regular game symbols to aid in completing a combination. So, for instance, if you have two lotus flower symbols plus one Wild, the Wild acts as the third symbol and completes the combination.

If multiple Wilds appear on the pay way, they create their own winning combination.


The Scatter symbol is the Chest. If three or more Chest symbols appear on the reels in any pattern (not necessarily on the same pay way) they complete a scatter combination. Scatter combination payouts are calculated by multiplying the payout value, as set by the slot machine, by the total number of regular coins that were bet on the spin that activated the scatter win.  

In addition to the scatter win, the three Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins game whenever 3 or more scatters emerge simultaneously on the reels.

Free Spins Bonus Game

In the Free Spins pokies bonus game you receive up to 25 free spins with the number of symbols that activated the free spins indicating the number of free spins you win. All pay ways and deposits played in the free spins are those of the spin that activated the bonus game. Wins double during the free spins which can be re-activated during the bonus game if three or more Chest symbols emerge scattered on the reels on a free spin. When that happens you’ll be awarded the same number of free spins  that you originally won, with the new free spins added to the remaining free spins from your original free spins round.  

Mirror Bonus Game

The Mirror bonus game is randomly activated during the regular game (not during the free spins). In this game you are presented with 12 mirrors. Behind each of the mirrors is one of four Asian beauties. You choose mirrors to try and match three beauties and win a multiplier value. Then, your total bet amount is multiplied by the multiplier that you achieved.
If your regular game spin activates the Free Spins and the Mirror bonus game on the same spin, you play the Mirror bonus game first.  

Casino Bonus

Once you add the Allslots pokies bonus to the game, you’ll see your payouts shoot up even higher. All Slots welcomes all visitors with special bonuses. there’s an All Slots bonus for new gamers that’s worth up to $1600 in match bonus credits plus $30 in casino cash for the player’s first week of gaming entertainment, awarded on his first four deposits. Long-time loyal players receive Loyalty Points which they can redeem for casino give-aways while everyone benefits from the seasonal contests and draws.
Play Asian Beauty online pokies on your PC or mobile for a fascinating glimpse into Asian culture, gracious ladies and lucrative real money prizes.